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Santillane De Chanaleilles

Santillane de Chanaleilles is a French interior architect and a graduate from the School of Decorative Arts Camondo. Since the opening of her own interior design agency in 2001, she developed, through her projects a certain vision of refinment.

To Santillane, design should serve the people. She is therefore committed to designing interiors that feel right. Therefore she is comitted to design interiors that feel right, in which people will never grow tired of living in, working in or having fun. Inspired by sophistication, her style is always genuine & warm, timeless but contemporary. Faithful to the established design names, her innate curiosity and sensitivity draw her to new up and coming creators/designers willing to push boundaries and embellish her projects. She works with exceptional craftsmen and suppliers to ensure close attention on detail to all of her projects that always include bespoke design.

The projects

Santillane and her team of architects and decorators have carried out many projects such as private mansions, townhouses, holiday homes, as well as a collaboration with Maison Pierre Hermé for the creation of Le Café Pierre Hermé in Paris, David Lucas’ hair salon and contemporary workplaces.

The studio

Santillane Design is an interior architecture / design & decoration agency that offers an overall support for your personal and professional projects in France and abroad. The team will make your projects come to life with rigor and a precise scheduling. They will guide you step by step, from the creative conception to the final delivery as well as the decoration of the interior.